Thread: win2k CD-RW issues

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    win2k CD-RW issues

    I have been having problems with my machine running Win2k as it won't recognize my CD-RW. When I view the properties of the driver file, it says "CD-ROM" while it says the name of it is "OPTORITE5205 CD-RW." Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    device type should be you mean it doesn't recognize your CD, or doesn't recognize your drive?

    if it doesn't recognize the drive, go to the same window and you were in and make sure it says "the device is working properly"..if not, re-install the driver.

    if its the CD it doesn't recognize, then most likely you're trying to read a filesystem that win2k doesn't support, or perhaps it's a bootable ISO, or maybe it's just damaged...

    what's supposed to be on the CD?
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    i seem to have GCC 3.3.4
    But how do i start it?
    I dont have a menu for it or anything.

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    I had the same problem, download the latest ASPI drivers from Adaptec:

    Worked for me.

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