Thread: Compatibility Problems with Dev-C++

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    Angry Compatibility Problems with Dev-C++

    I know this might sound like a problem that is related to C++ Programming, but it is strictly a technical problem. I installed Dev-C++ (the newest version of course) and opened the program. I go to the tutorials page on this site. I start learning the stuff like the cout command, cin.get, etc., and once I have finished typing this first tutorial exactly as it says, I click compile & run. So I get program errors. This discouraged me, but I simply retyped the whole thing. Program errors. Now I'm getting mad. I decide that syntax is probably very important, so I copy directly from the tutorial and paste it in the program. Does not work. I look around a bit, and find that many people are having problems with this program being compatible with Windows XP (Which is the system I am running.), but not with previous versions. So I go to the installation file, and go to the properties box of it. I tell it to run the program as if I was running Windows 95. It works like a dream! I'm learning all this stuff, and I need to go to sleep. I try it the next morning, and when running it in compatibility mode for Windows 95 or Windows 98/ME, anytime I get to a part where I need to type cin.get();, I start typing, and as soon as I get to the spot where I have to enter the semi-colon, I get a terminate program pop-up box. When running in compatibility for Windows NT or 2000, I can type in anything I want, but I cannot compile and run. I know I should be glad it works, but I like to check my syntax often, and doing that is making me

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    .................................................. ...........................


    doesn't this belong in the 'Rant' section?
    i seem to have GCC 3.3.4
    But how do i start it?
    I dont have a menu for it or anything.

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    Im using Dev C++ on Win XP and its working fine with the default options.

    How about you show us the code(s) that didn't compile? or at least show us the errors you're getting.
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    Errors I am getting...

    Okay. I will be typing code. Lets say I am going to type in this:
    #include <iostream>
    cout<<"Hello. Press the return key.";
    cout<<"Thank You.";
    So I start a new program, and start typing. As soon as I get to cin.get(); I encounter problems. When I hold the shift key and press the ), I get a box that says Oops! An unexpected error has occured in the program...
    Address: 0x004ED722
    Error message: Access violation at address 004ED722 in module 'devcpp.exe' Read of address 0000000C

    And it's not only cin.get(); either, it happens at just about every important syntax meeting except at the end of cout<<"Message";

    The only way I can work this way is to type in cin(); and then go back and type in .get afterwards. Also, my mouse just quit working, so I won't be able to find out what your response is until I can get a new one. Stupid wireless mouse. Put brand new batteries in it and it quits talking to the computer.

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