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    PCI-Express slots

    I'm about to buy a computer for me, and saw that motherboards are now offering PCI-express and common PCI slots, and graphics cards will probably no longer be using AGPx8.
    My current Geforce MX, which I was bringing with me, only works on AGP.
    I'm thinking about buying a PCI only motherboard though, which will support in the future PCI-e x16 cards as well as DDR2 ram since it seems to me that buying an AGP motherboard and that only supports up to 400 DDR ram or so wonīt last long.

    I read a lot to understand what I wrotte so far, but I'm still confused

    Take this for example: Radeon X300

    Since it runs on PCI-e x1 and not x16, would it have the same performance as an AGPx8 128MB graphics card?
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    AGP isnt going to be forced out or outdone for a while yet.

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    Uhm, I think itīs better to stick with AGP for now. I'll change the motherboard in the future if it needs, instead of buying a new equal graphics card now.
    Even though they will be arround the same price, I'll end up with a better motherboard in the end.

    Thanks RoD

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