Thread: Weird Excel behavior

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    Weird Excel behavior

    How does Excel decide where a spreadsheet is going to appear when it is opened, if it's not maximized?

    Someone here just opened a spreadsheet (from explorer; excel wasn't already open), and the sheet opened outside the bounds of the page. Since windows off the page in excel don't make scrollbars appear, I just used view->arrange->tile to make it show up like normal. It's not a big problem, but it's odd to me that it would open like that.

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    >>it's odd to me that it would open like that

    not really...don't forget who makes it

    windows and other app's keep track of things like that, office is known for tracking everything and anything about how it was last opened. These are called MRU's. several programs (adaware, spybot, mru blaster to name a few) can delete these in case you run into a problem worse than that one.
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