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    I know there are no flames here, and that's good .... it's good to have a discussion about something and bounce it around without attacking each other! Flames, IMHO, are pointless ad hominem remarks made by those who cannot think of anything useful and constructive to say at the time .... clearly something that's NOT going on here.

    Most people also consider browser hijackers to not be malware...some boobies popped up in front of your four year old when they type a search into the address bar, that's easily dealt with.
    Some browser hijackers, especially CoolWebSearch (CWS) are especially difficult to remove. Tricks it uses to get onto peoples systems include the following:

    - Hijacking the accessibility user stylesheet (the oldest one)
    - Multiple running processes that 'watch each others backs' - kill one off, and the other one restarts it
    - An addedd service. Take a look here to see what this one does and how it's removed.
    - A super-hidden DLL file. It is possible to load a file onto an XP system with strange permissions that cause it to go invisible, even when Show All Files is enabled and you use the Windows Find facility. Specialist tools have been written to find it and fix it, and zapping the Registry key cannot be done using the standard Windows Registry Editor.
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    I think that there are many special cases and exceptions to all this (like coolwebsearch). Another is VX2, I've heard that that one is darn near impossible (though I believe lavasoft has a removal tool for it, don't know if spybot supports its removal natively or not) to remove. As of the last year or so I've noticed the lines between spyware and virii blurring. I've had spyware/malware on pc's that download other spyware and viruses from some guys ftp site. It's getting rediculous, it really is. There needs to be some strict laws put into place, I think spyware needs to be lumped into the same legal category as hacking/etc. (Microsoft needs to shape up as well but that's beyond the scope of this argument )

    >>so what is Carnivore and DIRT for?

    basically an invasion of privacy . Those aren't really investigative tools per se, they're used more to find possible suspects rather than investigate them. I think with the advent of home security, law enforcement/gov't. would move much more quickly on a possible threat rather than wait and collect more evidence transparently, running the risk of being made by the suspect.

    Anyway, hopefully Raison got is problem figured out.

    almost forgot, when I said the boobies popping up in front of the 4 year old was easily dealt with, I mean it's easy to explain that kind of thing to your can't explain away your entire savings gone missing I wasn't talking about the difficulty of removing such items, just how their effects would be dealt with.
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    As of the last year or so I've noticed the lines between spyware and virii blurring.
    That's why I like the term 'malware' as (IMHO) that's a better catch-all term. Terms such as 'spyware', 'virus', 'trojan', 'adware', and so on are (strictly speaking) terms for specific kinds of infection.

    Most of what is called 'spyware' is actually adware.

    I know there were things that you disagreed with at SpywareInfo, but that's a point he made in one of his newsletters, that not all of this crud is spyware.

    We even had a whole thread at one time on one of the antispyware (antimalware?) sites discussing what terms should be used, some of which were rather frivolous.
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