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    Visual Basic Question

    Ok, I realize this is not the place for this, but I've got lots of help off this forum and thought hey its worth a try. I'm sure a lot of you know more that one programming language, but if you don't think its ok to answer this on a c++ board, please direct me to where I can get some assistance. It's a basic question. Or someone could pm me.

    Basicly I would just like to know how I could go about arranging a listbox by last name. I've read about array.sort, but I mean if you wanted to do it the long way around. I'm learning visual and C++ at the same time so I thought it would help me see a few things. In general, its a program that you input info about people and it stores them on a .dat, then when you retreive them it gives them back to you.

    I realize that you can sort with a build-in command and the array.sort, but if you wanted to do it the long way around, how would you go about it. Thanks.

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    A PMed reply is on the way, but this space is best left for C++ question
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    well u could use the bubble sort algorithm to sort it

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    Visual Basic's arithmetic operators are overloaded to work on strings. But this sorting you are talking about is natively supported by the Windows API list box class.

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    also, on the object properties i seem to remember there being a 'sorted' checkbox, which sorts the list for you. ( its been a while since i used vb)
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