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    oh and apparently he's from greece.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vasanth
    may be his primary language is not English..
    Neither is mine but I take care to use proper English when posting on an English language site.
    That's one reason I don't post on Russian or Japanese (to name a few) sites, as I don't know the languages.

    Besides, all compiler docs are written in English as are most (and in my experience all worthwhile) books (even translations often loose a lot as most of them are done by professional translators who know nothing of the subject matter of the book and thus make glaring errors).

    If I get complimented by native speakers regularly for my English that's only after many years of hard study (and initially very low grades). But I knew I'd need English sooner or later in my chosen career so I persevered and it paid off handsomely.

    If you don't care to make that commitment to learn to communicate with people, why even think you can communicate with computers whose operating systems and programming languages were created in English?
    Even Niklaus Wirth (a Frenchman or Swiss if I remember my history lessons) made Pascal using English language constructs and not his native language.

    At work we have a custom language that's based on a translated C syntax into my native language. It's horrendous...

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    Quote Originally Posted by B0bDole
    oh and apparently he's from greece.
    Greek's Chinese to me
    And that despite 3 years of ancient Greek at school (now mostly forgotten, it was 20 years ago and I never used it since).

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