Thread: recommend a good brand of monitor

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    recommend a good brand of monitor

    My monitor is cacking out on me - it intermittently would stop displaying red, but now just never displays any red at all. At first I thought I would manage, but now its just annoying when I am coding, so I am going to grab a new one. At any rate, I want to upgrade from the 17" one I have now, and go for 19". I had my eye on a 19" Viewsonic CRT last night, for around $300 CDN. Anybody have any thoughts on that brand? I don't want to sink my money into crap. When I was at Bestbuy, I was looking at a 17" model (I can't remember the brand) and it was cheeeap. Needless to say, the picture was all distorted - it came in like an inch on each side, so that each side was an arc, instead of straight. blah blah blah. Anyway, recommendations would be appreciated.


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    After working with my flat screen for 2 years, I find CRT's a total pain, I'd never buy another one.
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    if you dont want to spend alot of money,
    KDS have decent CRT, just look for .24
    or lower and the picture quality should be decent.

    as for that monitor at bestbuy someone had probably
    just played with the settings, im sure it look fine.

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    BestBuy is usually pretty good for buying computer stuff, so I wouldn't be too worried about anything they sold you. Sony is a pretty reliable brand and quite common (it's pretty much all we ever use now), but if you want something really high performance, I'm sure the dudes and dudettes at BestBuy could help you out.

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    ...but if you want something really high performance, I'm sure the dudes and dudettes at BestBuy could help you out.
    I highly doubt that.

    Sony is a very good monitor but a bit pricey. I haven't seen anything that beats their Trinitron technology. Very good monitors. Flat screens are ok but still not fast enough for me. They still ghost.

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    I have a KDS 17" flat panel and It works fine for me. Quality isn't the absolute best but then again I don't need the best!
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