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    Quote Originally Posted by Joanna
    Is that means that i'm not welcomed over here?
    I'm just learning and when i'm encountered problem? i straight go to this forum.I do admit that i'm still studying but i deny that this is the homework,ok.

    I think what everyone wants to know is, Do you ever google ANYTHING?

    Try something on your own, and when you're TRULY stumped, please, we all will be too happy to help. But don't think, "Hey, I don't feel like doing this, I'll get those Cboard people to do it".
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    Yes the most these people will do for you is give an example and maybe a website to read from. They will not just go out and tell the straight answer but you gotta find it for your self. That is the only way you are going to learn like I heard you say in a post before I think.

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    i agree with what you people say: but nobody gave her an example and started to flame...
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    Quote Originally Posted by dayknight
    i agree with what you people say: but nobody gave her an example and started to flame...
    no, but we gave her a push in the right direction, which is all we should need to do... we told her that it was binary. all it takes is a 0.02 second google search to turn up hundreds of thousands of tutorials on the binary numbering system.

    if she had told us that she was having trouble understanding binary and had shown us examples of what she was doing wrong, then we would have probably gone into more detail.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dayknight
    i agree with what you people say: but nobody gave her an example and started to flame...
    I gave her an example.. so did many others. We basically spelled it out for her.

    Its just sometimes people dont stop and think. They just want a direct answer to their question without them putting any effort into it and its just not right.. its lazy.
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    Actually, Salem gave her the exact answer until I flamed him for it. We're not here to spell things out for people.

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