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    thunderbird question

    I have a windows XP system with outlook and a linux with thunderbird.
    My main email account is a pop3 account.

    I want all my emails to be in my outlook folder, but when I check my emails with thunderbird, it downloads them from the server and deletes them. So I won't be able to download them again with outlook.

    Is there a way with thunderbird to download the emails from my pop3 account but don't remove them from the server so the next time I log in with outlook, it will download them again and remove them from the server.



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    I would imagine there has to be something in the options to stop it from doing that. I've never used it however and that would suck if it didn't have something like that.

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    Tools --> Account Settings -->Server Settings, check the 'Leave Messages on the Server' checkbox.
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    Great, now I'm blind.
    I must have read that account settings page a thousand times and I never noticed it

    Thanks for looking out for me KF

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