Thread: ">" command on linux [help please]

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    Question ">" command on linux [help please]

    If I want to place the output of man on a text file file:

    man bsarch > bsearch.file

    wich extension should I use for file in order that when I open it I have a text without invalid char and a crazy formatation?

    Thx in advance

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    for example create a file named desc.txt, and then use

    man ls >> desc.txt

    also search google for piping

    some entropy with that sink?

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    The extention doesn't change anything. You could make it nothing or .reallyfreakinlongextention

    Won't make a lick of differene.

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    Or just use an online version of man:
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    He probably means he wants to strip all the bold/italic stuff from a man page and be left with just the printable characters.

    In which case
    man bsearch | groff -Tascii > bsearch.txt
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