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    Digital Server 3100/3200

    Hey there folks,

    I already mentioned it in another thread today but i didnt even know what kind of pc i had on my hands at that point....After reading the label tagged on the mobo itself i found out its a Digital Server 3100/3200. a brief description can be found on the following link

    Anyways i just wanted to know wether one of you guys/ few girls might know this kind of comp i just got, and what is it normally used for.
    I mean everyone can see that this is not just a home system ( i also got it from a company ) but i was just wondering since there are no SCSI harddisks and no power supply inside at the moment, i was wondering wether i should keep this thingie and spend some money on it to put some harddisks inside along with powersupply or i should just forget about the whole thing...

    It also has only one P2 processor which is currently mounted onto the cpu card...and ooh its the pedestal type as shown on the above link...

    Anyone that has experience with this???



    Im just asking u know because my father says that its just a waste of time and money to be busy with something like that...
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    you could play with it, and put some money into it if you have
    some, but i personally wouldnt waste my time.

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