Thread: hosting vs parking?

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    Question hosting vs parking?

    I am confused with the terms: domain hosting and parked domains.

    Coz I sign up for one web host, which accept only parked domains. Let's say can I use to go to that hosting?

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    *sigh* It's called an online dictionary. Use it.

    A parked domain is used to point to your website, but it is different from the main domain name that you would choose. The point would be something like this: you purchase and then you also purchase and . They all point to the same thing, but you're catching the idiots that punch in the wrong domain.
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    hey and joanna should hook up...
    PHP and XML
    Let's talk about SAX

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    Hey.Waldo2k2..... Mind You !

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    no no... I agree.

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    I fully agree with Waldo2k and Ober,

    Maybe there should be a better way of keeping these kind of threads of the board then just the sticky, because it seems to me that nobody reads the sticky´s at the top of every board before posting something....

    Maybe something like a thing that when a registered user with less then 100 post is first redirected to the sticky of the board when he tries to make a new thread, once you have reached 100 posts by that time they will know everything that is in the sticky...(this should also apply to guests )

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