Thread: Undo Linux install

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    Undo Linux install

    Ok, I want to do this right. I want to uninstall linux give that hard drive space back to my NTFS filesystem. How can I do this. I dont want to just try something and mess it up.
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    umm reformat and make the partition NTFS?
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    If you've got a knoppix disk, use qtparted to reformat the linux partition(s) as ntfs. Partition magic will do it, too, of course. As for 'doing it right' just make sure you backup everything first. If you're multi-booting windows & linux then you might need to fdisk /mbr (use windows fdisk) to restore the windows master boot record, depending on where your linux installed its bootloader.
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    I just hope that you won't get problem like fdisk /mbr won't fix the mbr. Many got this problem and I had to low-level format my HD, gone everything. Never had this problem with my laptop but always with my desktop PC. Anyways, it was Fedora Core 2 that did it, FC1 was smooth sailing
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    Thank you for all of your responses!
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    the easiest way to do it would be to first boot into linux and format the partition it's installed on. Then boot into windows and do the fdisk. Then boot into recovery console off of the xp cd. Then use diskpart to extend the primary volume over the rest of the drive (taking up the newly partitioned space)
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