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    Non C Question

    I know. I'm trying to print the entire screen in office 2003. The pc I have (HP Pavilian) library does not default any of the F keys to this function. The MSN suggests hit the print screen button. OK OK where is it??? Dah

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    3,218 the top-right corner of the keyboard? Just to the right of F12?
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    I have a pavillion too. its atop f12 and to print the entire screen press cntrl-alt-prc
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    Just a little suggestion.. next time you have a non-programming related suggestion, post it in the Tech Board or General Discussion.
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    print screen button is next to the F12 button, if youonly want to take a screenshot of the application you have active(the one your veiwing)
    then use alt+prnt scr
    then paste it into paint

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