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    SATA d

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    After having tons of problem with my Windows XP installation I finally got it to work (with service pack 2). After installing all appropriate drivers to me hardware components all seemed to work correctly. But after 4 days mine 2 SATA disc just went down. BIOS doesnīt report any errors about the disc but when WinXP starts its not there. Iīve also downloaded some app from Seagate to fix the problem but with no luck. Norton AntiVirus hasnīt detected any form of virus. Does anybody have a clue why the disc disappeared?
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    Maybe the disk is just bad?? Can you stick it in another computer, can you get to it from a DOS bootdisk? We're not much help on a problem like this.

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    see the other thread ober, I think i might have figured it out but he hasn't replied back yet...which would probably mean I was right
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