Thread: Possible Virus?

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    Possible Virus?

    My online business goes online tomorrow morning and I was going to create a separate user account on my Windows machine to use for it. After opening the User Accounts window, I see there is a user named "SQLDebugger". It's a limited account with password protection, and hasn't changed the default icon. It does not show up at the login screen. Anyone know what this is?

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    Could this be your answer here with additional search results.
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    Ahhh.... thank you.... I do use Visual Studio....

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    > I was going to create a separate user account on my Windows machine to use for it
    I'd seriously consider getting another machine to do this, one which you can strip all the programs, accounts and services which are not mission critical. Not only does this present much less of a target to any would-be attacker, the scope of damage is also minimised.
    Having a spare hard disk with a cloned image of the installation means you can get back to a known clean system in a couple of minutes if the worst ever happens (good for biz).

    Also, you might want to look at setting up a DMZ
    Your online biz machine sits on the Orange network and the rest of your network sits on Green.
    Then you can tune the firewall settings for each network zone, possibly allowing more access on the orange network if this is necessary to run your biz.

    At the very least, make sure any default accounts have a non-default password
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    Oh thanks Salem, but it's actually being hosted by another site. There's this chemistry teacher at my school (well... of course), and he's.... well he has a lot of idiosyncracies. So I got his permission to sell T-Shirts with jokes on them about his class - surprisingly enough TONNES of people were more then willing to pay $20 bucks for them. So I found a website that allows you to set up your own store, where you design the T-Shirts, send them the JPEGs, and they make them for you and do the rest. They keep a base price, and send you all the profit. I'm just setting up another user account so I could actually use cookies for email, etc... instead of switching back and forth between the email forwarding address for the domain and my personal email. ALso just to keep all the documents (T-Shirt designs, etc...) in one place. Thanks for the advice, though.

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