Thread: Getting MSN off of XP

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    Getting MSN off of XP

    So my folks upgraded to cable from dial up. So far so good, except for one thing, I can't seem to get MSN off of their machine. When I go to remove it from "add/delete programs" the screen flashes and nothing happens (like a dialog box was going to open but changed it's mind). Huh?
    I could just fish around and get rid of all of it, but I'm sure uninstalling it would be preferrable. I'm bound to leave some loose ends dangling here and there, and truth be told, I don't like messing with the registry if I don't have to.
    Anyway, they have XP home edition and it's msn 9 if anyone can help me out.

    Oh and I uninstalled messenger and the dial up accelerator without a problem.
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    Check out XP Antispy:

    One of the features is uninstalling MSN Messenger.

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    or just disable the messenger service
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