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    You see i sorta missed a screw. But it was in the middle of the board!! lol Thanks alot
    Thats ok, just pull on it hard enough and the board will come out. Those middle screws don't really do anything at all. It's them outer one's you gotta be aware of.

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    WOW! lol. Five pages of trouble and now some good news! My computer is back up and running! It turns out it was the way i screwed the screws into the motherboard. I remember when i was first cleaning the computer, where the problem began, i unscrews the motherboard but it was having difficuly coming out. I just left it becuase it wasn't that dirty anyways. I remember scrweing the screws back in, it was a STRUGGLE. They were going in on a bit of a angle and it seemed really tight. After doing a few bench tests where the comptuer was actually booting up, the day i scewed the screws in (above) came to mind. I was sure this was the prolem. So when i put the mobo back in, i made sure all the screws went in the proper way, and if there was any tenstion or uneccesary presure, i wouldn't use that standoff. I also didnt' tightent the screws very hard. And voila! My comptuer booted up and was working beautfilly. So it's back up and running. Who knew that a few little screws could cause such a mess! The made all my compenents a suspect.

    I learned alot and even though it was so frusterating, i'm glad it happened in a way. Thanks to Waldo2k2, Bubba, Salem and to everyone that helped me out. cheers.
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