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    Linux Dual Boot

    Ive been pondering...
    I really like linux, but I also really like my video games.

    So I was thinking about doing a dual boot.

    If I decide to I will have to create a partition on my hard drive (It will be non destructable.). Last time I did this I didnt like it because it booted into linux by default and I had to pick to go into windows.

    I want it the other way, is this possible? I it to boot into windows by default and make me have to choose to boot into linux.

    Or maybe linux isnt worht the hassle?

    From you personal experience as programmers/computer literate people, do you find linux to have great advantages. I was also wondering what distro you favored and why.
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    its very easy to change the default boot, but its highly dependant on the boot loader. if your using grub for example, you just open up /boot/grub/grub.conf and change the default value to whatever you want.

    I use Fedora Core 2. Its a nice easy distro to get started with and comes with lots of great/common packages.

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    You wouldnt happen to know of a free program that would partition a NTFS drive would ya?

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    Windows can do it from the command line...but I don't think it can do it to the active, just use the linux install cd of your choice distro (I like mandrake and suse the best) to resize the ntfs partition. They all come with partition managers that run during the installation process.
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