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    I made a Network for my home about 8 months ago and quickly ran into a problem: TCP/IP protocol would not work and i was required to use IPX which, quite frankly, sucks. Does anybody know why i would not be able to use TCP/IP? I have 3 computers on the network, 2 running Windows XP Home, and 1 running XP Pro, and all connected to a Belkin 4 port router. I cannot ping any of the computers on my network and when i try to tracert to the IP it ends up going through my Dial-up ISP, why would it be doing this if i'm giving it an IP with a 192.168.... adress?

    Any Help greatly appreciated.

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    First off, have you enabled NetBIOS over TCP/IP? If so, are all the computers using the same 192.168.x.x conventions? Does your router have DHCP enabled?

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    It also helps to put them in the same workgroup, not neccessary, but helps. Static IP's are dangerous, just run dhcp as lithorien hinted at. That will take care of setting the correct gateway and dns.
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