Ok everyone, now lets rebegin! For those of you that don't remember this gargantuan project...please read here .

That cleared up, lets roll up our sleeves and begin! I had a huge vacation and now I'm pretty rusty. I would like to invite bubba back to this discussion as he seemed to be a huge help...thanks.

I've been writing madly for weeks to get grants and now I have enough of a budget to finally get some right equipment for this.


Screen: It will be "silver screen" fabric. Still a 1/2 cylinder. 8' tall. ~10' diameter (adjustable). Audience in concave.

Projectors: (Canon LV-7555) Eight (8) ultra-short throw wide angle LED projectors mounted at two distances from screen. 4 @ corners, 4 @ edges of room.

Video Card: Matrox ASM

Position input: TrackIR3 flight sim device
http://naturalpoint.com/trackir/prod...ackir3pro.html (may require some driver tweaking for multiple position setups.

Okay, now...I still need to figure out how to distort the video before being projected onto the curved surface. Its been a while but, anyone heard some way to curve this video?