Thread: another question on routing.

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    another question on routing.

    Ok, i'm sorry, for some questions i just can't find them answers neither on the web or in any book... so... i hope someone with knowledge on routers help me....

    Ok a objective question but, still dificult to me to find ts answer:

    In a router, what's the advantage of having small, medium and large output or input queues for small medium and large packets respectivly?

    ok... trying not to anoy to much... here goes another one

    Some routers do eavesdropping on IGMP messages (also called snooping). Can this be beneficial????? Why/how?

    That's it. I can't find these answers. If u do and u feel like helping... please do.

    I know that asking questions this way is not exacly the goal of this forum, but runned out of resourses everywhere else so...

    Thx, and sorry for something

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    You should really search the web for this type of information. It can be found... you just have to look.

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    that's what i've been doing.
    Belive me, it souds a lot easyer than it really is.
    i had a lot of things to search about routing, natworking and tcp. I used the web and i found lots of information, a lot of it was fery usuefull. But, some aspects (these) seem to be forgeted by everybody, honestly!

    I found everything i needed about BGP,OSPF,RIP, Diferent TCP flavors, ARP, etc... also, lots of stuff about routing in a more wide point of view, still these interrogations... i have no answer for them. At this exact mode i am still looking for them answers like i've been lately.

    well, thank you anyway

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