Thread: joystick for computer instead of mouse

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    joystick for computer instead of mouse

    i think it would be cool to use my USB joystick as a mouse. for all computer use (i mainly want to do this for some RTS games i play so i dont have to be sitting up al the time and i can lean back and just use my joystick). is there any software that can do this? also somethignt that can assign keyboard keys to be joypad buttons... im sure theres somethign out there but ive failed to find anything on google
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    thanks iambored...that is a very good link!

    some entropy with that sink?

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    If you guys have an Xbox contoller it is a sinch to "mod" it so it will be an USB gamepad.

    You can buy a little breakaway cable and splice it with a usb cable, and thats all there is to it.
    You can download drivers here .

    I use my Xbox controller for all kinds of games, you can also get an app for the same site that allows it to emulate keyboard and mouse events.

    I also Use my xbox live mic with stuff too.. great stuff

    If your at all interested let me know and I'll give you info on how to splice it... Easy as pie.

    EDIT : I should note that it is non-destructive to the controller, You can still use the controller as normal (Thats where the little breakaway cord comes in handy)
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