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    Exclamation Mainboard Frustration

    I just got a new computer from a company that as getting rid of them, and it costs me a whole $0! yea!

    But no documentation was provided and i'm having a really really difficult time trying to find what kind of motherboard is in it. I searched all over the motherboard only to find the name compaq in a corner..that it. So far i know:

    Manufacurer: Compaq
    Chipset: Intel 810
    Model #: 152716-002
    Part #: 161422-001

    The compaq website doesn't help me much. They seem to name their desktops and laptops and handhelds a compaq computer name, and don't offer really any support for individual devices. Any suggestions?
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    well, what do you need to know what the mobo is for? if you need drivers, just get the run-of-the-mill i810 ones.
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    its a compaq brand using that chipset.

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    Thanks RoD, that helped me; moi... hehe

    I have a question though. I was looking into installing my old TNT2 video card, but as from RoD's help, my chipset features Integraded 3D graphics. This part is confussing me. I never knew a chipset can have this feature. Can it, or does it mean there is an onboard graphics controller?
    The driver for my display adapter is called:
    Intel(R) 82810e Graphics Controller - if it helps

    My motherboard is the first one in the chart
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    There is an onboard video controller but it can normally be overriden in the bios.


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    if you put an agp video card in then bios will automatically use that instead of the onboard. I'd used the tnt2, you'll get better performance, especially if it's an older board. Onboard graphics still aren't that impressive.
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