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    Statistics tools for webpages

    Does anyone know a good script that can relate two radio buttons submissions to a diagram of some kind, showing the percentage of the two alternatives that have been clicked?

    As if in I have two radio buttons, one with the alternative "yes" and the other one with the alternative "no", the viewer of the page will click either one of these buttons and then be taken to a diagram of statistics, showing the total percentage for clicks of "yes" and clicks of "no" (from this one and previous clicks).

    This is what many newspapers do on their webpages when they cast polls. Anyone who knows a good script for this? Thx

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    What server-side languages does the server support?
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    PHP and JPGraph are your answer if you can use both. If you're stuck without server side scripting support, you may be SOL.

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    Well *most* web hosting sites, even free ones, include cgi support. You may be able to use a cgi app that would do it. Usually you can write them in C or perl, depends on what the hosting supports. Good luck, get back to us on what support you have.
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