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    DVD Progressive Format

    So my DVD/VCR combo unit (Sony Model SLV-D550P) has a progressive format capability. I've bought Component video cables and hooked all that up and it shows the signal on the component video input on the TV. However, when I go to turn on the progressive signal with the button on the front of the DVD/VCR unit, it doesn't work. The image on the TV just seems to roll and you can't see the picture because it's very snowy-like.

    I've changed the option in the software of the DVD player... is there something else that I'm missing?

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    most likely your tv doesn't support the progressive scan feature

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    Oh but it does.

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    What is progressive scan? My DVD player has it, but I don't use it. I thinkit has seperate jacks in the back for the progressive output.


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    Standard DVDs, videos and TV transmissions are in what's known as interlaced. This means that two seperate "fields" of an image are used, one field for odd-numbered scan lines and one for even. By alternately changing the fields very quickly (60 Hz or times per second in the US and Japan, 50 Hz in most European countries), it gives the "illusion" of high resolution, smooth-motion video. The problems begin when you try to watch something that's moving very fast (Sports, for example). The change can be so great per frame that visible "shearing" occurs.

    Progressive scan overcomes these problems by working just like a modern computer monitor, it just draws the image, line by line, in one go. As TV broadcast transmissons have become digitally compressed in recent years, the necessity for interlaced video in TV and elsewhere becomes less and less.

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    Do you have any other tv's that support progressive scan you could try it on? Or perhaps a friends tv, that way you can determine if it's the tv or the dvd/vcr unit.
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