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    Source Code Editor

    I know there are a lot of source code editors out there already. I thought it would be a nice challenge to write my own. I was thinking of a simple console project. I have looked at some of the features from several editors already out there but wanted to ask if anyone can think of any features that they would like to see in an editor but have yet to find in one. Most already have syntax highlighting, undo/redo, and stuff you find in most basic text editor. Just curious if you have any suggestions for some features that would make programming easier, faster, and more efficient.
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    You mean like the old BASIC editors?
    That would be pretty interesting.

    I think a neat little feature would be:
    The ability to make a function and save it to a "clipboard" and set up hot keys to access these different functions.

    Example: Like if your making a Win32 app you can set up these functions to use as you need them instead of just using a premade source file/template

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    An excellent idea. Also - I really like the feature in VS where as you type a namespace it suggests things that are listed in your references file. Extend this to reserved words, etc...

    edit: Why is this on the C++ board. Mods?

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    Hey, some hotkeys wouldn't be wrong, like
    write #include <iostream.h>

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    i suggest having a look a pico or nano. they are both (the same?) simple console based text editors. Of course, you could always check out vi too.

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