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    Hi dude,
    I have a big problem over here.I'm just started to work in that company. One of the pc i used encountered a problem. it's a network pc and have network drives inside too. The problem is that i can't logon to the pc because an error occur everytime i restart it. pls help me...

    The error is like this

    Isass.exe- Application Error
    The intruction at "0x77f82b17" referenced memory at "0x0000004". The memory could not be "read"
    Click on ok to terminate the program.

    Once i click ok, it will appear an program said like" NT/Authority have to shut down and restart the pc. some sort of that.

    i have done repairing the window with win2k cd but it's still the same,pls help me..urgent


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    1. (OK, this one was too harsh.)

    2. Disconnect the network cable.

    3. Boot in safe mode by pressing F8 during startup.

    4. Run a VIRUS SCANNER.

    5. Remove virus(es). You may need a tool such as stinger.

    6. Install virus scanner and do a complete scan on every computer in the company.

    7. Update patches from Microsoft.

    A search for the name of the process should help you.
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    anonytmouse... hold the phone. We need more info. Is the file causing the problem "isass.exe", or "lsass.exe". One is a trogan, the other is a security executable that is part of windows. Either way, update your virus scanner and do what anonytmouse says and try to remove any viruses. However, it sounds like your system may be having other problems. If you continually get "could not read xxxxx address", you probably have either a hard drive or memory failure (my guess would be memory). Try switching RAM modules and see if that helps after you check for viruses.

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    I've also had cannot read memory at 0xx00 location when I disconnect from the internet before closing trillian, so it could just as easily be software problems...If I remember correctly w2k repair only checks to see if files are still there. What you need to do after following anon's instructions (if they don't work that is) is prepare the computer for an in place reinstall. If I remember correctly, if you just boot from the cd, pick the install option, and tell it to overwrite your current os then it should give you a fresh set of windows files while retaining installed programs, etc. Good luck.
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