Thread: How to create a help file ?

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    How to create a help file ?

    I've been developing in Visual C++6 for a while and just started developing software in Visual the problem is that I always developed software for personal use and never had time or patiance to put help files in my programs cause I know how they work..... nevertheless, I've created something that can help me a lot on my day to day job and a friend asked me if he can have it too, so I was planning to put a help file to explane how to use the program i,ve developed, correctly.
    How can I make and attach a help file to my program ??
    Does anyone has any tutorial that can help me with this subject ??
    I don't even know where to start with this subject, please help...
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    You can build a compiled help file (CHM) with the stuff here -

    You could always ShellExecute the file to open it from your app

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    If you have Visual Studio, I believe that from the Start Menu, there is an Help compiler that is installed with VS.
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    I did a google search... found this, but it requires that you have a bunch of HTML files written as help files (which should be how you set them up, IMO).

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