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    Windows Update

    I just got unto cable broadband, and it's great... but... I went to update windows but nothing will install. After it's scaned for updates, nothing happens when I click on install or the remove button. I don't have any other internet connection to test if it's the cable. I'm running XP and IE 6.0. Can anyone help out? Thanks


    edit: I'm also having problems open some websites, I click on a link and nothing happens.
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    did you make sure that your IE security levels are not set too high..

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    Ha ha - now there's irony. Windows-favored software finds Windows updates morally reprehensible. Though I can't say it's the first time I've seen it. You should post that at

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    Sounds like a problem with IE. (Go figure). If you can't get to other sites, I would say call your ISP and ask them if everything is configured correctly.

    Are you running a firewall and do you have it set correctly?

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    I had problems with that when I split my cable between a TV and the modem... once I put them on seperate lines everything went smoothly...
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