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    Mouse on laptop

    Trying to get a mouse to work on this laptop. The mouse installation software came on a floppy disk..and there is no floppy drive in this laptop. I found the software on the manufacture website though.

    Installing it, however, didn't help anything. I couldn't find an option to turn off the mouse that's built in to the laptop to see if that would help.

    It's being hooked up with a PS2->USB convertor.
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    definately need more info, such as the following :

    1) what operating system, whether it is *nix or windows makes a huge difference

    2) who is the manufacturer of your mouse?

    now, based on what you have said, the easiest way I have found to disable an integrated mouse is to remove the drivers for it from the computer, this is pretty easy in *nix, but windows tries to automatically install drivers for basic things like mice and gets in the way of things.
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    removing a mouse is quite easy in windows:

    go to start > control panel > system
    go to the hardware tab and select device manager

    there is an option "mice and other pointing devices"
    Right click on the moude you want to remove on on this list and select uninstall.

    Try installing your USB mouse again.

    This should fix your problem as windows does have an issue detecting the initial install of a USB mouse if there are already mouse drivers in place (got two USB mice for my two computers myself).
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