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    i wish to learn the network. any short tutorial for LAN or small networking? is the cisco catalyst 2900 series xl is a hub or switch?
    can u differentiance between hub,switch and routers in a much simpler way?

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    30 seconds on google. You should be banned for asking a question like that. Use your resources!

    And I'm just guessing: , but that's probably a switch.

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    A hub is a device which routes packets from the source to all the other ports on the hub. A switch is a hub which learns which device a packet is destined for, and routes it accordingly. In other words, you can listen on all the traffic a computer outputs to a hub, but you can only listen to the traffic destined for you on a switch, which is a major security feature.

    A router is a switch that operates on ip addresses instead of mac addresses. They do much more complicated routing of packets, and oftentimes have firewalls and a WAN port built in. However, because it's done in software, it's mildly slower than a switch.

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    Spoon feed her, whydontcha?

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