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    Question LAN Problems!

    There is a LAN made up of about 20 work stations (XP), one server with Windows 2003 Server installed. There are one domain and three sub-domains set in the newwork, namely,,,, In the server located at the brach where i work, i use the "Active Directory User and Computer" from the administration tools, and can only see the domain in which there is no users corresponds to the workstations in my branch's LAN. By setting the permission of of the shared folders on the server, i found all corresponding users in the domain The server in my branch is in the domain, and all the work stations are categorized in to three workgroups. I reinstalled my computer due to some software problems, but after that, i was told have no rights to access the server even i have entered the correct username and password. (the username is found in the domain I have tried different formats of username, but still didn't work. (Such as Username,,, aaaaa\Username ) Then I tried entering the username and password of the server, it works, but failed again when i rebooted the system.

    Where is the problem, what should i do to login into the domain and access the server?

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    Odd that you would expect us to know the answer to the problem like this since something seems to be seriously messed up with your system. I would suggest that something is not setup correctly on your server. I would also suggest that using "aaa" and "bbb" etc. are bad ideas for sub-domains and domains.

    My only suggestion is that you read up on Windows Networking and get a better handle on Windows 2003 Server. Short of that, call MS.

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    "aaa" and "bbb" are just used as an example, not the real domain name. Anyway, thanks for ur suggestion.

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