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    Well it's a DFI motherboard...the model number escapes me at the moment s35bl or something like that i think...

    My budget is very tight right now, so that's why I'm going to just get the usb adapter. A new motherboard isn't in the cards for another 2 years...I need a new car before that, lol.

    The card was retail, but it's past the point of being returned.....however a friend of mine wants a radeon for his new pc and wanted me to hook him I'll just give him this one and give him my pci cooler for it and I'll just buy one with a big arse fan and heatsink on it.

    So thanks guys, I think I'm just going to go the cheap route for now, I just had to pay for my tuition and books today so my checking took a big hit.
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    A new motherboard is never a bad idea. Also, to free up a slot could you get some other fans to improve the circulation of of the box, or I think they sell replacement fans for video cards maybe get one of those might work better.

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