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    There is no netstat

    I have WIN XP,
    I'm using dial up with Firewall and Zone Alarm.
    When I enter command prompt and type:
    netstat -a get the following:
    netstat is not recognized as an internal or external command,
    same is when I try to type ipconfig
    What to do?

    When I execute the sam command by typing netstat -a in start/Run everything seems to be OK.
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    First off, try getting rid of the -a, because both of my cc's allow me to use the netstat command in both forms.

    If that doesnt work, there is an alternative to the regular command console.
    First, Go to Start
    Then, Go to Run
    Next, Type in Telnet
    Then, type in both forms of the netstat command.

    If all of those fail, then somehow disable Zone Alarm. I have firewall, and I can still netstat with it.

    I am not 100% sure though, from the error messages you are getting. But try them anyways.

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    Maybe your path isn't set correctly. Look for the following file:

    If its there, get to the command prompt, CD your way to c:\windows\system32 and run netstat from there.

    The -a option shows all connection, as opposed to just the active ones. It won't stop you running the command.

    To see what your path is set too, enter command:
    echo %PATH%
    or go to :
    Control Panel->System->Advanced->Environment Variables
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