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    lilo installation

    How would i go about installing LILO after i've installed windows after linux? I've done a google search and i still dont know how. Please be patient with me as i know that you all know that i have no competence. thanks.

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    You need some way to go into your linux instalation. I think that a live linux CD is the only thing that can get you there.
    Once you've booted with your LiveCD, you mount your / partition (and others if you have them separate) somewhere like /mnt/actualsys and then chroot into /mnt/actualsys ( you need to do this as root).
    After you've done this you should be in the system you had before, so make the necessary changes in LILO (if any) and then run /sbin/lilo (or wherever your distro's got it) which will install LILO in your HDD.
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