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    game install files

    after installing a game, everything runs smooth. after the computer
    re-boots, it does not run anymore. i am trying to figure out what file
    gets changed or re-placed after re-boot occurs. it is a video problem
    because my loading log gives me this error:

    WARNING: Error: CTexMan::ImagePreprocessing: Scaling of 'textures/defaults/' compressed texture is dangerous (only one mip)

    any ideas ?

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    1. What game?

    2. I assume you have tried a re-install?

    Maybe when you rebooted it the first time, you did a hard reboot and the file got corrupted? That is one possibility.

    There might also be a virus on your computer that could have corrupted something.
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    This is more of a game specific problem then anything. I'm betting you would have a 99% better chance solving the problem if you went to the official web site of the game and found their support section. (May be a forum). If they have a forum, definatly search for your problem there.
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