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    File Format

    hi expert,

    i wish to know how to convert this .xls file into .prn files?
    So that i can print it using the printonix printer. it's a network printer.

    pls help me.

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    I assume this is a trick question, which does not involve using say Excel to read its native file format...
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    He means use Excel to do what you want. Load the file then print it to a file (makes a .prn) instead of to a printer.

    Or you can print it directly to the printer. Assuming you have loaded the drivers for the printer onto your PC.

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    edit>> Oops, sorry. Ignore this. I thought it said pr0n files.
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    AFAIK, prn files are totally denpendant on the printer and driver

    If you want to print an excel file then simply use automation via C++, VB or scripting to open an excel application, open the workbook andsend it to the printer you want

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