Thread: Installing Windows AFTER linux?

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    Installing Windows AFTER linux?

    For certain program reasons, I need to install Windows back on my harddrive. I've always heard to install Windows before Linux, but I have a bunch of files and settings on my Mandrake box that I don't want to loose. Is this doable, and how would I do this without messing up anything? I just don't want to mess up my computer again
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    It should be doable quite easily. Just don't modify any of your linux partitions during the setup process. You will need to re-install you bootloader though.
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    do you have a spot partitioned off that you are not using. If you do then install windows and then put a linux boot cd up to get your bootloader. If you don't then you have to do a nondestructive disk resize then all the stuff I listed earlier

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    Partition Magic could give you solution. Try it!. Even though you don't have enough partition space for windows, you can resize your linux partition with that.

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    DO NOT use Partition Magic to move your Linux partitions... in fact, I wouldn't use it to move your Windows partitions around. Setup your Linux installation and use the Linux utilities to do your partitioning including a FAT32/NTFS partition for Windows.

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    You should really back up your data before doing anything. Windows will just randomly format whatever it wants, full drives, other drives...
    Besides, you should back up your data before you install any OS.
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