Thread: Boot Diskette Failure

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    Boot Diskette Failure

    I have following config P.C.

    P4 1.6G,256 MB SD RAM,
    80 GB Samsung HD,
    Windows XP Pro,PCQLinux 10,

    But recently my PC has got very slow. Linux works normally.
    Problem arises only when i am working on windows. It takes more than double the time to boot windows. Also in every 2 or 3 day the pc hangs showing bsod with message"Critical error has occured. Beginning dump of Physical memory" It also give some corrective measures such as disabling some BIOS features etc.
    I have tried a few but they have not helped.

    Also when i restart the pc after it has crashed i get a message INSERT VALID BOOT MEDIA. The pc then restarts only when i disconnect the hd and reattach it.

    Is it a s/w or h/w problem?

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    Sounds like a h/w problem. Are Linux and XP on the same disk or not? Did you do anything different to the XP installation recently (install something) or have you scanned for viruses? I would attempt to reinstall XP or do a repair of it. If it's not h/w, then something is corrupted in the OS.

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