Thread: someway to put an .exe into an image

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    someway to put an .exe into an image

    im looking for a way to make an .exe run whenever this image loads. i was wondering how to do it, and what language to do it in... maybe php?

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    What do you mean by "whenever this image loads" ? Are we talking over the web, through a browser? If so, trying to run client side .exe files is not good practice, it'll scare off your readers with security nightmares! Anyway, explain yourself better...
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    h4ckers unite! Hack the planet.

    go buy a guide to haxoring if you want to be a leet haxorer.
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    This sounds malicious. Please clarify your need.

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    You'd have to use a custom image loader and have the exe file appended to it after the image data, or maybe b4 it. There really is NO point in doing this whatsoever, and you should just say "screw it". Sorry to be blunt, but you are not going to be gaining ANYTHING from doing this, and it would just cause a security hell.

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    remember the guy that planted an EXE in a MP3 file that was able to be executed by ITunes? It is on McAfee's virus alert somewhere in the month of April.

    anyway, there is no purpose for this other than hiding a malicious program.

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    you are a very bad man. under chich conditions, could you not distributz the two files or ZIP them as 1 ay? i remeber a program that did actually implant this idea, i never tested it though

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    If you have a legitimate reason for doing this, PM me, until then, the thread is closed.
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