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    Reference Books at Work and Home


    Where do you keep your reference books (software development in particular)?

    There are reference books from programming to network administration. I have many reference programming books. I program at work and at home and these reference books are imperative. Buying two copies of the same book is, well, conceivably a waste of money.

    Do you care with you a huge box of books everywhere you go? How about business trip?



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    For me I just use the e-books that come with most references. It's a lot easier on the books too.

    Of course, there are times I wish I had Petzolds book with me, but there is always someone here at that has helped me out when I didn't have the ref. I needed.
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    I don't often work on the same projects at home and at work. I usually can't stand to do the same type of work at both. Therefore, I only need one set of books at each.

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