Thread: Windows "Open with dialog box"

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    Windows "Open with dialog box"

    I'm running Win'98 SE O/S.

    I've deleted an application from my hard drive,
    but I have a shortcut of it in the "Open with dialog box".

    How do I delete this entry?

    Thank you,


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    AFAIK, that's a list of available executables, so you probably have the executable laying around somewhere. Did you just delete the folder, or did you use add/remove programs?

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    Its in the registry. Google it, and you'll find your answer.

    [edit]Added this:
    Open any Explorer window and select "View", "Options" (or "Folder Options"). Click the "File Types" tab and, under "Registered File Types", select the type associated with the program you want to remove from the Open With dialog box. Click the "Remove" button, click "Yes" to confirm, then select "Close". The next time you open the "Open With dialog box", that program will no longer be there.
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