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    distance jumping software

    I am looking for a program that can take a still image from a live video feed of a dog jumping into a pool, pond or any other body of water and telling how far the animal jumps in feet/inches. Does anyone know of software that does this or if there is any alternative to something specifically designed to do this. I know espn uses a similar system for DockDogs and ski jumping.


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    no program can do this from just any still image because the program has no size reference in the picture. You would need an exact size of the doc for example so you can compare the unkown size as a proportion of the known size and find a value. Even once you have a reference size in the image, the image processing required to locate the moving target, find its point of impact, and reference that to the start point is quite complex. ESPN has size references and precise measurments of the sites when they do their jazzy computations.

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