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    Internet Problems

    Well, been a while since I've used the Internet. I'm over at my brother's house to use it. The Internet hasn't been working at my house, and I'm not sure why. I was using Saber Net and Internet Explorer 6.0. I ran that Modem Helper thing and it passed all the tests. I also tried every step in the Internet Explorer troubleshooter. We tried using Humboldt Internet Service to get on the Internet. We also tried Netscape 6.0 and Opera, it was version five point something. It also gave us a reinstall of Internet Explorer. My Dad, brother, and I think it is the modem (we used to think it was the browser, but that was probably wrong). We haven't gotten it looked at or anything yet. I also have some ideas: We used the same number and account on Humboldt Internet Service. There might be something weird about the number (although I don't think this is it). Another thing that I have thought is that it is a virus, because it stopped working around the time our subscription to Norton Anti-virus ended. It uses the Internet to resubscribe (which sucks). We kind of don't do things for awhile, so I wouldn't be surprised if it was a virus or the modem, because we probably won't do anything for awhile. So, first off: Is there a virus like this? Also, what would you guess it is? If you need information (like the number), I will go find out and give it to you when I get back over here. I might not be able to see replies for awhile though, so it might be awhile before you get information. I hope it isn't obvious (my Dad and my brother know a lot about computers though). So, I hope I can be back soon. I can't do anything about the subscription or the modem, that's up to my Dad.

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    does the computer you're on now have a modem? if so, try connecting to the same phone number with the same ID... if you have no problems, at least that's one more possibility eliminated...
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    2 guesses:
    norton firewall is acting goofy: disable it
    you have some nasty spyware: run spybot found at
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    >norton firewall is acting goofy: disable it
    Disabling doesn't work about 50% of the time. Sometimes you have to remove it completely for it to unb0rk things.
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