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    hey, retard, it's SIS's fault for not allowing the heatsink to sit on top of the processor properly, the heat compound that was on there originally would have worked just fine otherwise.
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    Oh dear

    The board was built by ECS. They produce some boards which support AMD processors and different ones that support Intel processors. Neither Intel nor AMD have any control over how ECS build their boards.

    Similaly, the North and Southbridge chipsets are built, in my case, by SiS, who, in exactly the same way, have no control over how the chip is used.

    It was ECS that chose to use the SiS 645 on their board, and it was ECS that chose to stick the cheerfully yellow anodised with resplendent black lettering "ECS" on it, with sticky tape.

    The fact that both AMD and Intel versions of the board have the same problem, and the problem is with the chipset cooling, not the processor totally refutes any suggestion that this is an AMD versus Intel argument.
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    sorry guys for my comments. . .

    I am surprised that you are having problems with ECS; however, as they used to be pretty good for the low-mid range motherboards, guess they went downhill. Basically, I am at the point that I wish there would be stricter standards on manufacturers as I have had quite a bit of problems with cheap components recently(MSI and AMD were the problems in this case).

    anyway, glad to see you have solved your problem Adrian.

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