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    PHP Newsletter

    I'm creating a program so people can subscribe to my newsletter. Well that works out fine, if you sign up you will get a email confirming that you signed up. Well when I go to email.php to send out a newsletter I press send and it says newsletter sent to ...and will list all my subscribers as being sent. Well they never get it. So could someone look at my code and see where I went wrong? I would apprecaite any help. Thanks


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    why not surf over to www.phpbb.coma nd download that forum. Not to use it, but its opensource so find the mass_email script and look through it.

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    Have you set your mail program properly in your php.ini file? That's all I can think about.
    If you're in *nix, it'll be in /etc/php.ini, if you're in windows, it's in C:\windows\php.ini I think, I'm not sure about the windows version.
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