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    Anybody here use splint?

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    what is it.. I have a feeling its some kind of debugging tool..

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    splint is a anal retentive syntax checker for C.

    An example of what it might yell about:
    printf("%d\n", x);
    It would yell because printf() returns a value so it wants you to do:
    (void)printf("%d\n", x);
    I use it when I want to really check my code for any problems.

    Note: It checks for things like security problems and such in the code also.

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    I was just curious about it - I have heard that using the -Wall option (on gcc of course) is a rough equivalent to the checking lint will do - the guys that do splint figure that you can do a little better with splint than lint - looks kind of like what Thantos said - really anal on syntax. It seems that for normal programming stuff its a little overkill though?
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