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    Angry OOPic Problems

    We are trying to build a robot cart for our FIRST robotics team to carry our robot from the pit area to the competition area, and we are using an OOPic to get it to do its thing. Anywho, we tried to start programming it, and the C compiler it came with won't let us define main. It tells us that void cannot begin a statement, when we try to do this:
    void main()
    Yes, I hate void main too, but this compiler is a piece of crap and requires main to be declared as void. Any ideas?

    PS: We tried int main first, and it said int was not defined.

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    Well provide some links or some more information so others can read up on the problem.

    Do you mean this?
    Because if you do, then that counts as a free standing implementation, and the compiler can define main however it likes.
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    Try Sub void main(void)

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